Friday, May 1, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 5.1

Is it May already?!! I've always heard it said that time gets faster the older you get. I am seeing what people mean, now! I've also heard that Time Flies when you're having fun. That could be part of it, too! (: I am sooo excited about tomorrow morning. My small community is having its semi-annual garage sale, and my mom is coming down so we can go check all 40 of them out! ha. Okay, maybe not *all* of them, but... maybe 39! After we have had our fill of them, we're going to my great aunt's to get a bunch of rhubarb. How many different ways can you make rhubarb? I may be about to find out! This rhubarb adventure started when my neighbor told me a couple of weeks ago that he wanted me to make him a rhubarb pie, jokingly, sort of! (; I said if he could get some for me, I'd be happy to. We couldn't think of anywhere, so the idea kind of died. Later, I remembered from when I was young, going to my great aunts and picking rhubarb. She is elderly now and doesn't use it much anymore, so her son said that we are welcome to all we want. I remember huge amounts of the stuff-and that was when she used a lot, too! But, that was also 25 years ago! I am excited to surprise my neighbor (and my aunt) with a pie! Thanks for stopping in, I hope your weekend is superb!