Friday, March 13, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 3.13

Hi Girls! Thanks for stopping by today, it is certainly nice to have you! Isn't Rachel Anne great? I know that every morning I look forward to checking in on what is going on for us today! This being said, I have slacked a little on my Small Things this week(although, now I am totally KICKING myself since I've learned what the high points prize is-awesome!!!) I have been putting out fires this week, it seems. I try not to live like that, but sometimes. well, you know how it is! We've had a flurry of activity this week. On top of that, I'm feeling foggy-brained, and so I've been running around getting last minute details finished that I overlooked ): Last Friday night, we had a birthday party for one side of the family, and Saturday night we had the other. In between, we had a Grand Prix (hot wheels) at our church. I taught Sunday School Sunday morning, and Tuesday was Hutch's Birthday party at Preschool. Tomorrow I have a Gifted By God brunch at church (which is exploring our Spiritual Gifts-SOOO excited!!!), John and I have a 30th birthday party for a co-worker of his in the evening, and I teach Sunday School and sing in church on Sunday morning (I am singing Wonderful, Merciful Savior, which I am very excited about), Haydn and Hutch have a program for an Assisted Living Center in the afternoon, and I have church nursery in the evening!!
The Birthday Boy!

I try to guard our time, as I feel that, as a society, we are over-booked. Well, as hard as I try to not be involved in everything, we are always busy busy, it seems!

I stumbled on a blog this week called Like A Warm Cup of Coffee, and have been intrigued by a club called the 5:16 club. Long story short, there is another website that links from that, and there is a series about the 6 Habits of the Highly Effective Woman. Number 1 is She Rises Early. To say that I struggle with this is an understatement!!! I am a chronic snooze hitter! To be in this club, you get up at 5:16 in the morning and spend quiet time with God FIRST! (5:16 comes from Ephesians 5:16-which talks about redeeming time. so cool.)

I am going to try this for a week and see how it goes! I'm very excited, and will let you know next week how it went, and what changes I saw in my life! Thank you for sharing a cuppa with me! Sorry I've rambled a little!


Reese said...

Love your coffee post. Good luck with the early rising, soounds like a wonderful idea

L2L said...

OH I love the colors on your blog!!! I think I'm going to steal your idea for a birthday cake!!! JJ will be 5 in May and wanted a Monster Truck theme and I wanted to make his cake, never thought of putting monster trucks on it, duh!!! I am all about the over booking and over commiting: in fact that is what my coffee is about this week. Would love to get more info on the 5:16 club, seems to be right up my alley!!!! Happy Weekend

Rachel Anne said...

Ooooh. 5:16. That would be a toughie for me. Not that I couldn't use it. If I didn't have teenagers that stay up late....that's my excuse.

You DID have a busy week! Sometimes, even with all the best planning and guarding, everything all happens at once. What are the chances that the birthday parties and the other events would all be on the same week? You just do what you gotta do and find a moment to rest when it's done, that's what I say. I'd love to hear you sing the's one of my favorites!

Esthermay said...

You are so right! As a culture, we are way overbooked. We overlook the important things for UNimportant trivia.
. . . Wonderful, Merciful Savior. ..
there's a good place to dwell for a while. . .
GREAT birthday cake!

Anonymous said...

You're busy! Remember to stop and breathe sometime. I know, as moms, we're always on the go, but make sure you take care of yourself too, or you can't take care of others, which looks like what you do a lot of. That's great. We need more people with a servant's heart to work for His kingdom.

Dawn said...

Wow, that is definitely not a club I could be a member of! lol! I love the concept though - but me and any time before 7am just do not mix well. Hope you are able to take some time to slow things down and rest after such a busy week. Thanks so much for the coffee!