Friday, November 14, 2008

Coffee Time!

I have been reading Rachel Anne's Home Sanctuary Website for probably more than five months now, and haven't had the courage to actually become a Company Girl. I've decided to jump in and do it! If you have a burden for creating a comforting environment for your family in your home, you should definitely check out this website. I promise that you will not be disappointed!
This week I began doing the Small Things, and I am so encouraged and energized by her whole concept!
While I could choose an activity that is more thought-provoking and sentimental to blog about, I chose the fridge! This Small Thing was just the push that I needed to do something that has been annoying the back of my mind for awhile. It certainly needed to be done! Let's put it this way, I threw out two whole watermelons!! I even went for the gusto and wiped the shelves down. It didn't even take that long. Every time I finally get around to doing a task like this I always think, "Why didn't I do that a long time ago?" That is a true mystery.

Anyway, on to the after picture: (forget the before, I still have some dignity left!)

In fulfilling another Small Thing, I'm looking forward to having some fun with my husband this weekend ! (;


Fishy Girl said...

Hey Tricia? Are you free this weekend? You see, there is a fridge that I think is calling your is at my house, you can email me for the address. Great job on your fridge!

Esthermay said...

omigosh! I want to come live in your house! very nice work!
Actually I beat Rachelanne to the fridge-cleaning-out by about a week when 5-year old found stinky fruit (or veg. - who knows) -- whole incident triggered a blog post of course.
I've enjoyed visiting your blog.
Kindest Thoughts,

forgetfulone said...

What a clean, organized fridge! Welcome to being a company girl!

Socal said...

isn't it great to be inspired by other ladies? we are blessed as company girls with a great group that we can fellowship with and share our struggles and victories.

Congrats on the fridge. It looks AWESOME!

Rachel Anne said...

ooh, Fridge Love! What a great job! Mine is already looking less loveable inside, but it is certainly less stinky than it was!

I'm thrilled that you're "playing along" with the Small inspires me to do those things that annoy me for so long but I put off doing!