Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu for November 17-23

Menu planning is always a fun challenge for me! (am I a nerd? yes) But seriously, there are so many factors that come into play. First of all, finding meals that each person in our family will eat is a challenge in and of itself. It seems that if Haydn likes something, Hutch doesn't. And vice-versa! I always note which meals are eaten by all, and we often repeat these! Another factor that I have to consider is our schedule. Depending on what our day looks like, I may have to be sure to plan a crockpot meal. Or something that I can easily transport to John if I have to meet him somewhere directly from work. Maybe it needs to be something very very quick. Or something that can be taken to a potluck that we have for that evening. I also always try to remember the price as well. If I have a couple of more expensive meals in the week, I balance them with some cheapies! I also love to try out new recipes! I have learned the hard way that it is probably not a great idea to try new recipes every night of the week. First of all, you are taking a gamble as to whether or not your family will even like them. Also, it's nice to use recipes mixed in from your family's favorite because it is just easier on you as the cook! Once you get to know a recipe, you can switch into autopilot and go for it. You aren't constantly stopping to read a recipe and figure things out. As many of you know, meal planning is not as easy as it looks! I'm always up for a challenge. That being said, here is our menu for this week.

Monday 17: Vegetable Beef Soup/Crackers/homemade applesauce
Tuesday 18:Tuna & Noodle Casserole/Rolls
Wednesday 19: Choose-your-own Omelettes/Bacon/Hash browns
Thursday 20: Salisbury Steak/Broccoli/Smashed Potatoes/Sugar Cookies
Friday 21: Homemade Pizza/Apple Pie
Saturday 22: Taco Soup/Fritos/Quesadillas

We also don't plan anything on Sundays. We always eat lunch after church at my mom's house, and usually end up there for supper as well. If not, we just scrounge!


Anonymous said...

I've got the same problem. my daughter rarely eats meat, so I always have to make sure we have something vegetarian in our menu also. I try to mix it up. If we have meat one night (and she eats tofu), I make meatless pasta the next night.

Gina @ Six in the Country said...

I subscribe to the "This is what we're having, if you don't like it there will be breakfast in the morning." Even my picky little redhead will find something on the table to fill her belly.