Friday, December 5, 2008

Company Girls Unite!!

Hi all! I'm glad that you dropped in for something hot to drink! It is certainly FREEZING outside around here, so grab a mug, an afghan, and snuggle in for a bit. It's been pretty crazy around here this week! I'm involved in the Women's Ministries' Committee at our church, and we hosted a Ladies' Night out last night for ~100 people. I hosted a table, helped prepare all of the food, and sang a solo part in a music group! So much of this week's time has been eaten up by those preparations, but it was well worth it! I got to spend a wonderful evening with some of my favourite real-life Company Girls! You can read a post on my Family Blog here if you would like. I think you will enjoy my centerpiece. We also put our Christmas decorations up here at home, and I hosted Thanksgiving here Sunday night. Whew! I'm in sweats all day today, as I catch up around here! We are looking forward to a simple weekend together as a f amily!

As far as Small Things go, I participated on Fruit Day! I ate an apple and later (accidentally got another fruit serving) ate a fruit parfait. Delish. I called my husband at work and asked him if he'd please get fruit at work for lunch. He said, "I don't think they sell any". He works in a hospital, and I assured him that they had to have a basket of bananas somewhere! I always have to force myself to eat an apple, and I'm not sure why, since I really do love them. I guess, when you have the choice of ice cream and an apple, it doesn't seem so tempting!

As far as the clean slate goes, I am just working on getting my routine back to somewhat normal! I am so glad that you stopped in! Looking forward to head over to your home for a bit!

**Don't forget to Check out Home Sanctuary if you haven't already! Rachel Anne is witty and charming!


theanniversaryshop said...

One would think a hospital would have a piece of fruit around somewere. Very cute.

Rachel Anne said...

Nothing against hospitals, but some of their employees are the most unhealthy people I've ever seen. Buncha smokers! You'd think they'd seen enough disease to quit.

Sorry for my rant. I hope your man found some fruit.....perhaps it was in some jello salad?? ;)

I'm being silly, must be that I feel giddy after being called witty and charming. Pshaw! After reading your blog posts, I can see we can be witty and charming together. Company Girls Unite! I like it.

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

I love the colors of your blog - it is simply beautiful!!! I look forward to popping in on Company Girl coffee days!

Joyce said...

haha...I'm sure they have fruit at the hospital. hehe My husband's work has free fruit everyday which is great.

Fishy Girl said...

I love your post. The way that you write makes me feel like we are just sitting around chatting. Hope your hubby found some fruit.