Friday, January 9, 2009

Thankfully, it's Friday!

Have a seat! Get yourself a cup of whatever it is you enjoy. We probably have it somewhere in the cupboard, because we like it all! (: My husband called from work early this morning to let me know that there is a big snowstorm coming around noon today. I rearranged our schedule, and headed to the grocery story early this morning instead of this afternoon as planned. I'm glad I did, because I'm back home and it's 11:30-the snow has already started falling, earlier than expected. I feel a little smug sitting here back in my slippers, sipping a latte from McCafe (you know, the "gourmet" stuff!!!!!) We're looking forward to a weekend full of nothing. That is, if you don't count popcorn parties and snowmen and hot chocolate and board games and snuggling!! I'll take that kind of "nothing" any day!

Back to scheduling, my husband and I have been focusing on God's plan in our lives lately, and I think that Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary reminded us Company Girls very vividly of this recently ( I LOVE her story, by the way. That is the perfect example of how everything works together for good- even when you don't understand what the situation you are in right now has to do with the big picture) All too often, we are hashing out our schedule and realize it is just that. It is OUR schedule, and not what God has in His great plan for us! With the new year, we always set goals for ourselves and look into the future, so to say, and map out where we want to be a year, five or ten years from now. While this is great, and it is important to have goals, we must always remember a very important point~The Lord willing. We must strive to always be in His will, and sometimes this means not getting exactly what we want.

Kinda like my day today. I thought I had things all mapped out. Something big happened to change my plans. A snowstorm happened, and "messed up my schedule". What has been your snowstorm? What has God sent in your life that has made you remember that it's His schedule? And that His schedule is always the best one!


Dani said...

Sometimes God lets our bodies wear down when we need to just stop and listen to Him. I'd think I'd much rather be stuck in the snowstorm than at home with the flu. Usually that is how He gets me to stop:)

secondofwett said...

With me I usually get so tired that He gets my attention when I'm forced to just sit and stare out the window. It's rather calming.

Fishy Girl said...

I want to see some snow! Take lots of pictures.

PolkaDotMama said...

It can be so hard to slow down. Right now I'm trying to focus on my kids more and enjoy these moment when they are little.

You can learn so much when you listen.

theanniversaryshop said...

Great reminder! The storms of life can overtake us, but if we listen for the still small voice, we can find our way through.

mholgate said...

What great insight! We make our plans and get upset when everything doesn't go accordingly. Perhaps that's why I didn't enjoy the holidays as much as I would have liked. Three feet of snow put a damper on my plans and I didn't have a very good attitude about it.

We're having a lazy weekend here too. My only plan is church tomorrow morning.

I love your background, btw.

joyceandnorm said...

I've learned time and time again that His timing is the best. No matter how impatient we are or how much we want something. Sounds like a relaxing weekend for you. Enjoy!

Erin said...

Hope you enjoyed the snow. My youngest is very disappointed we haven't received any yet, but the winter is still young.

Thank you for the mini-devotional