Friday, February 13, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 2.13

Come on in! Pull up a new seat! (We got a new dining room table and chairs this week! Our old one was sooo wobbly that our 3 year old actually kissed the new one when we got it. It really was that bad!)
Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Rachel Anne's Home Sanctuary, and her Small Things? Yeah?! Well, I do love her kind spirit and great sense of humour! I also love the way that our home feels more like a safe haven from all of the Small Things that I complete.

Monday was my birthday, so I was especially pleased when we got to print and hang the verse instead of cleaning (:

I'd have to say my favorite thing, though, was the Sticky one. I love it when she gives us wiggle room for creativity every once in awhile. I decided to have the boys sit down and do a sticky craft after school. We always have such a fun time together doing crafts, but I hate to admit that it doesn't happen nearly as often as it should. Today we decided to build little dogs out of pom poms to put on their bookbags. (I got the kit at Wal-Mart a long time ago)

We had a great time getting our fingers sticky! Haydn took care of our "silly points" for us, by gluing the dog ears to his head.

He takes care of our silly points a lot of the time!Hutch had nothing to do with such things! He said that they weren't for BOYS, they were for DOGS! (I think he even rolled his eyes at us!!!!!)
Our finished productHutch checking his out. It met his specs!
I stopped in at Big Lots last night for my "time away", and I found this! I thought it was very fitting for the day!! (But not fitting enough to pay 12 bucks for some pom poms and pipe cleaners!) But I did snap a picture with my phone!
**For Valentine's Day, we usually don't do much because my hubby is a lot like Rachel Anne's (his thoughts on the holiday, AND his perpetual romantic-ness *hee hee*) Tonight, our Youth Group at Church is offering Free Babysitting, so how can you turn that down?!!! We will be spending some time together tonight-even if it means eating at Taco Bell and going to Goodwill, just aimlessly driving around, and hanging out at Wal-Mart (nothing like an evening like that to make you feel like you're in college again!) Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!


CindyC said...

Haha, I LOVE going to Wal-Mart with DH and wandering aimlessly! We often pick up a $5 DVD and call it a date! :)

One More Equals Four said...

Have fun, I say anytime you have free babysitting is cause for celebration! Enjoy the evening!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Too cute!! And your blog layout is beautiful! I am dying to add some yellow to my kitchen to coordinate with my red. Maybe your blog will inspire me to buy paint. :)

Kara said...

Haha that key chain is cute. Very sweet of you to do crafts with your boys. It looks like they enjoyed it. :)

What's next said...

funny after you have kids that a trip to Walmart without them is a date!

Camille said...

we love going to Walmart without the kids, maybe it does remind of us of our college days. And, anytime you get free babysitting, it's a blessing, enjoy your evening.

Mommahen said...

FREE BABYSITTING?! How great is that?! I have a friend who will take all three of my guys so my hubby and I can then have an occassional night alone. We do the same thing. And when she asks what we did I always feel bad telling her "Oh we just hung out at Wal-Mart AFTER nine pm and went to Marble Slab for ice cream." But it does make me feel young again. Have a great Valentines.

Dani said...

Very clever to take the picture of the sticky finger craft box...I think you deserve some more points for that :) Have fun tonight :)

Rachel Anne said...

Tricia, 1,000 extra points for all the nice things you said about me! :) So sweet!

I just PORED over the pictures of your sticky craft! How awesome is THAT!! It looks like it was fun.

My sticky thing was to eat an entire Twix bar (both cookies) and lick my sticky fingers. Not very creative, but once I had done it, I felt less inspired to find something else.

Enjoy your date....whatever you do will be fun! Hey, dropping the kids off and going back home for awhile is even fun....but then I'm cheap and easy.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! (Same day as my daughter's) The pom poms look like a lot of fun. Glad you guys scored with free babysitting. Have a great weekend.

Rachel Anne said...

Look at me! I'm leaving you a comment! Wheeeee! :)

I'll say it again, those sticky projects were so, so cute! I just love them!

And there is something about your profile picture that, every time I see it, I think, "she is SO CUTE!" You just look...friendly. It's a great photo, very pretty.