Friday, February 20, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 2.20

Hi there! Great to have you over! Today is a day home, and a night in, at our house. Besides going to and from school for Haydn (which is right across the road!), we are home to stay! I love being home, especially since it feels more like a home-which I owe hugely to Rachel Anne and her Small Things! (could I possibly say the word home more in one paragraph?)
Last night, I had to laugh because all of the kids were in bed, John was surfing the net for hot rod truck building stuff. I came up from the basement with a bunch of empty organizing containers, and was stalking the house. I said, "What do we have around our house that is floating around and needs a home?" He said, "Are you getting points?!" Smart man! He came up with the idea of his guitar "stuff". So I got a pretty basket that I've been dying to use, and gave his music, picks, and tuner an address!
*Concerning the electric slide: We like to dance around here! We are true boogiers! We are always gettin' our groove on. We're that family on the dance floor the whole time at a family wedding, laughing our heads off! (except for a break to the chocolate fountain here and there!) The problem is, my husband has this ongoing boycott of "organized line dancing". He thinks it's a cop-out for people who are too scared or boring to express themselves by dancing (I think it's called interpretive dancing-ha) This man is a trooper. He'll go to great lengths to make me happy, and happiness equates with POINTS! He drew the line, though, when I told him I'd like him to do the electric slide with me for points. Hey, everyone has their limits, and I'll respect that!

I would do anything for Love,
But I won't do that!! -Meatloaf
The rest of the story: although I didn't coordinate it for actual points, the next day after school, I cranked up some music in the living room and demonstrated the Electric Slide for my kids. They thought I was uber-cool. Especially when I did the fancy floor tap (and optional spin!)
Have a great weekend! Did you actually get anyone to do the Electric Slide with you? If so, I am sooo jealous!


One More Equals Four said...

Wow, I am just described the two days I totally bombed! We have been inundated this week with flu, ear infections and sinus stuff and I just fizzled out...not even points could get me motivated to do them. I am just kissing the prize goodbye this month and hanging on to next month...I tell ya what, I'll cheer for you this round! ☺

CindyC said...

Well... I totally didn't do the electric slide day. It's just not in my genes - neither dusting nor dancing. :)

But I am so with you on how Home Sanctuary has seriously transformed my life at home! My DH hasn't quite made the connection like yours has. But I wouldn't be surprised if one day we'll be finding out they've emailed Rachel Anne and said "hey, can you do this tomorrow? We really need this done at our house"! LOL

Reese said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll have to try the cherry, I think. I'm trying to cut down. I loved your electric slide post! I am a former ballet-dancing Methodist who married a non- dancing Church of Christ boy. Guess who cannot line dance to save her life? ME!

secondofwett said...

The only dancing my hubby will do is a slow dance...but I'll take what I can get. Thanks for stopping was good to get home ...for abt 2 days ...then my teens were making me wish that I could go again!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

I had to do the Electric Slide alone - I knew even ASKING the kids (all teens) would have them laughing, so I saved my dignity!

What a beautiful blog. :) I have the same layout and love it!

mholgate said...

Sounds like you had a great week! My favorite this week was definitely the electric slide. My DH walked in on me and three of our kids dancing while we were cleaning the appliances! It was so funny!

Have a great "night in" and a great weekend! :)

N and N said...

hahaha I love the way you describe the electric slide (and optional spin)I had to keep myself from laughing out loud so as not to disturb the sick sleeping husband. thanks!

Anonymous said...

hehe...You guys should record the memory to doing the electric slide. I can't dance worth anything...but have some music in my bones at least. =p I'm a total homebody too.

Rachel Anne said...

I fell in love with my husband all over again when he learned the electric slide to dance at our daughter's wedding. It was so AWESOME to see him out there with all the 20-somethings, throwing in the fancy spin and taps. For a guy who hates to do anything in which people will look at him, he was amazing.

I haven't had any husbands emailing me yet, but my husband makes his own suggestions, based on his own pet peeves. The other day he suggested fixing the toothpaste know, making them so they aren't all mangled. I'll keep that in mind.

have a great week!